Easy Going Ale - 5 Gal. Extract Recipe Kit

Easy Going Ale - 5 Gal. Extract Recipe Kit

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Fermentis Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast [+$3.99]
WLP002 English Ale - White Labs Liquid Yeast [+$8.99]
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The Hop Shoppe Easy Going Ale

Description:- Our take on an English Mild. Light bodied with caramel and bready notes, medium copper in colour. Slightly malt forward while remaining easy drinking.

5 Gallon Extract Recipe Kit.

Note:- Yeast not included in kit price.


Malt and Sugars (Add to Boiling Water)

6 lbs of Pale Malt Extract

Specialty Grains

(Steep @ 140-170F for 20 mins Pre-boil, before Malt addition)

0.25lb Crystal 60L

0.5lb Biscuit Malt

Hops (Add once Malt and Sugars have reached a boil)

1 oz. Sterling @ 8% A.A. (60 min *Left in boil)

1 oz. Sterling (5 min*)


Whirlfloc Tablet (Irish Moss) (15 min*) (Optional)

Yeast (Pitch @ 70-75F in full volume of wort in Primary fermenter)

We recommend:

Dry Yeast: Saf-Ale S-04

Liquid Yeast: White Labs English Ale




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