Five Star IO Star Iodophor 4oz

Five Star IO Star Iodophor 4oz

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An iodine based, low foaming, no rinse sanitizer.

1 minute contact time on equipment that has been cleaned and rinsed.

1oz in 5gal cold or lukewarm water provides 25ppm of titratable iodine.

Some useful conversions:

  • 30mL in 19L water
  • 1 Tablespoon in 10L water
  • 1 Teaspoon in 3L water
  • 5mL in 3L water
  • 1 capful of the 4oz bottle sized cap in 3L water
  • 3 capfuls in 10L water

Please note that there is no advantage to using more than the specified amount of iodophor. In addition to wasting the product, there will be the risk of exposing yourself, or your beer to excessive amounts of iodine.

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